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Creativity drives memorable brands that break expectations. These disruptions lead to massive booms in ROI and can lift a company high above their competitors.

At Common Giant we’ve built a culture on the belief that creative marketing and branding is one of the most potent tools for sales enablement. We believe big picture thinking and intuition drive originality and help us steer beyond the sea of sameness. Data can help shape ideas but analytics should never limit or dictate the creative process.

We have a No Bullsh*t policy (in fact, it’s one of our Core Values) and strive to share what we know.

From articles and news highlights, to ebooks and other downloadables, our blog has all the insights from our team of creatives.

October 29

So You Feel the Pull of Change?

Maura Marziano

Businesses of every size and success level often grow to a point at which the tactics that brought them thus far can no longer drive them any further. It’s as if you’ve hitched a ride with a gracious driver for half your journey,...

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September 30

How to understand your audience and close huge deals


Phillip Oakley

Quick question: Why is it that most presentations – from sales pitches to webinars – are so boring?

Most presentation givers make their pitch about themselves. So how do you avoid this pitfall?

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August 27

3 Reasons to Use Stories to Avoid a Boring Sales Pitch

Phillip Oakley

What’s the best way to deliver an unforgettable sales pitch or keynote presentation?

Tell a story.

Stories lure an audience’s attention with relatable elements, such as characters, emotions, and conflicts. Audiences see themselves...

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August 19

How to turn your boring sales pitch into a thrill ride

Phillip Oakley

The Thrill Ride Approach to Presenting

No matter what kind of presentation you are giving, your goal is to motivate someone to adopt your point of view. There are a few different approaches to doing this but the most widely used is...

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March 25

7 Tips to Help with Unexpected Requests When Rebranding

Maura Marziano

Rebranding can be an exciting time for your organization. From logo redesigns to overhauled mission statements and recast visions, there’s something inherently invigorating about redefining your identity as an organization.

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February 28

How to Effectively Manage Your Marketing Agency Retainer

Maura Marziano

What Is a Retainer?

You’ve charted the course to your growth goals – hopefully with a creative agency who knows your business – and now it’s time to execute your strategic marketing plan and create content and branded assets. Your...

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February 14

Why a Brand Is Business Love

Cody Lee

Summer of Love (and Brand Loyalty)

Sometime during my first summer in North Carolina, the cashier at the grocery store stopped mid scan to ask me, “What is this?”

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December 19

“But the Data Says People Love Dogs!” Why Branding Should Look Beyond Data to Make Ideas Sing

“The data says people love dogs!”

In a meeting the other day, our company founder and creative director showed us a handful of inspired ads to kick-off a creative storm for one of our biggest clients. While waiting for 

the selected video to load...

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December 17

How to Craft Core Values and Think Like a Pirate

The Code of the Pirates

One concern we typically hear from clients is whether or not core values are too corporate. There’s an underlying fear that implementing a code of conduct or set of expectations suddenly turns an agile and open-minded...

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July 10

Harness Your Business Intuition for Creative Results

The importance of creativity in business remains high amid growing competition and industry disruptors. Focusing on data alone could be quashing your business intuition. Here are three ways to reboot your intuitive leadership mindset.

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November 16

8 Ways Your Advertising & Marketing Strategy Can Benefit From Animated Videos

We have compiled 8 reasons why motion graphics, or animation can be a great choice in most advertising and marketing strategies.
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January 25

What is 2018's hottest trend in marketing? It doesn't matter if your company isn't ready. 

Recently I've been asked a few times what the next big thing or hot trend is in marketing. 

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February 24

How to Narrow Down Your Key Stakeholders

Your business has people that depend on it and want it to succeed. There are also people who your business depends on. These “stakeholders” can be a part of the company, such as the owners, or external, like customers and suppliers. Anyone...

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February 17

The 2016 Giant Awards

2016 was another phenomenal year for us here at Common Giant. We filled the year with travels, tweets, hard work, a few shenanigans and lots of play. To commemorate the year gone by and help kick off 2017, we’ve decided to recognize some people,...

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December 15

Create an Inspiring Vision Statement in 5 Easy Steps

Knowing where you’re headed is one of the first steps in any journey. Owning and running a business is no exception. Owning a business is a long journey met with periods of slow growth, which some can find discouraging. Yet having a clear idea of...

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December 8

How Much Does an Animated Marketing Video Cost?

The biggest question asked when it comes to motion graphic videos is “how much does it cost?” Well, in short, it depends. As with most things in life, you really get what you pay for; motion graphics are no exception. If you want to trust your...

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November 17

Inbound 2016: What You Need to Know

Last week, four giants attended Inbound 2016, a marketing conference focused on new methodologies and best practices. Held in Boston, the conference was chock full of interesting keynote speakers and breakout sessions designed to inspire and...

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November 10

The Power of Organic Storytelling in the World Series

 On November 2nd 2016, history began to change in the world of baseball. The Chicago Cubs were going up against the Cleveland Indians, neither of which have won a World series in a combined 176 years. It’s rare to see a game 7 in the World...

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October 27

How to Easily Impact Your Customers with Tangible Marketing

If you can hold it, it's tangible. In today’s world of digital and online marketing, getting something you can hold in your hand may make all the difference. The use of promotional items to increase brand recognition and customer loyalty is a...

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October 20

5 Things You Can Do for Your Creative Agency

 There comes a time in a company's life, where the next step to progression stems from marketing or advertising. From choosing the type of agency best suited for your needs to hashing out a marketing plan, it can be a difficult task to wrap one's...

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October 13

Do you know what kind of agency you need?

When looking to update your marketing efforts, knowing what kind of agencies exsit and knowing their differences is crucial to deciding on which one is right for you. There are several ways to categorize agencies and many seem to overlap in the...

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October 6

How To Easily and Honestly Market To Millennials

If there’s one generation continuously getting the short end of the stick when it comes to public perception, it’s Millennials. You know who I mean; the generation that’s labeled as "jobless" or "entitled" as they suck away at bottomless PSLs...

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September 29

Why You Need To Know Your YouTube Strategy

Video is increasingly important to marketing strategies, especially online video. When HubSpot conducted a survey for their annual State of Inbound report, they discovered 48% of marketers are planning on using YouTube and 39% were looking to use...

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September 22

How Music Will Make You and Your Marketing Matter

If there's one thing that unites us, it's our love of music. Genres and artists are subject to debate, but music as a whole is universally adored. We all can become hypnotized by a beat. We all can imitate our favorite songs through singing...

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September 15

4 Responsive and Awesome Web Design Trends This Year

The way people use the internet and websites is constantly evolving. More people are using mobile devices to interact online compared to desktop, pushing web designers to maximize the experience for everyone, no matter what device(s) they choose....

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September 1

Long-Form Content Tips and Tricks

 Long-form content. These three words can strike fear into the heart of a writer. For them, long-from content requires dedication and persistence to create something readable. For readers, it needs to be educational, interesting and entertaining...

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August 25

The Brand Matrix - (re)Discover Who You Are

Identity is everything. Especially when it comes to business. Potential customers and clients turn to those who have a good sense of self and their service or product offerings that earn trust. Over time, identities shift through better processes...

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June 7

CG 4 Year Birthday Blog

Guess what? This May, Common Giant turned four! We’ve been busy having a wild time and we decided to reflect on who and what we've become since 2012. Without a doubt, things have changed and we've become better at what we do. Over the past four...

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April 19

Hello Greensboro

Partnerships are critical to success. When both parties believe in each other, both flourish. This is one of Common Giant’s core pillars. An example of one such partnership is Revolution Mill in Greensboro, NC.

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April 12

Hello Again

Change is inevitable. It serves as the optimistic bridge between the past and future. In this midpoint, we choose where we want to be and begin the undertaking. As we start the journey, others join to keep the fire burning and the dream alive....

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April 1

Common Giant and SXSW

Common Giant is all about art, culture and technology. So it made sense to jump on a plane to visit Austin, TX, for the 30th annual SXSW. Take a few minutes to watch our founder and Chief Inspiration Officer, Phillip Oakley, discuss the key...

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November 11

The Pay Off of Participation

With Veterans Day upon us, it’s important to recognize that our freedom couldn’t be accomplished without teamwork. At Common Giant, nothing is more important to us than teamwork and collaboration to express our creativity. These are the agents of...

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October 28

The Trappings of Buzzwords

Buzzwords are a dangerous breed of jargon to mess with. Businesses across the globe throw around words and phrases such as “Goal Digger” and “Localisation” with reckless abandon, even going as far as creating their own forms of lingo in hopes of...

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September 28

What’s Your Worktable?

When it comes to tables, we often think of a gathering place to spend time with friends and loved ones. We imagine laughing and building memories we’ll hold dear to our hearts. Not all tables are made for such occasions but hold parallels to the...

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July 24

Chili Meet Follow Up

While the first annual NotSoCommon Chili Meet was a few months ago, it feels like yesterday when we feasted upon marvelous chili prepared by four brave Giants! We ate, drank, and laughed until Tim “Q” Quillen was dubbed the winner of the...

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July 6

What Organic Growth Means to Us

If there’s one word every business wants in their vernacular, it’s growth. Growth is good; it means one is on some sort of upward trajectory. However, growth comes in various forms. Ours has been through organic growth, meaning our planning and...

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June 26

A Day in the Life of a Giant

The energy people feel in our office always prompts them to ask one question: what is a typical day like at Common Giant? To answer this question, we decided to write a blog, with accompanying pictures, about our not so common approach to...

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June 15

What is Design Thinking?

We at Common Giant pride ourselves in our ability to think outside the box. Our diverse backgrounds and skill sets blend together, creating a team of Giants who are not so common. There’s a mutual trait amongst us though; we utilize design...

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June 5

Why is Video Marketing So Important?

The rise of media streaming sites such as YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix have created an insatiable thirst for cinematic content across the globe. A quick search of YouTube’s site reports over 300 hours of content are uploaded every minute and there...

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May 12

what makes common giant not so common?

In the 21st century business world where bland cubicles and indistinguishable office furniture reigns, finding partners with the moxie and vigor for being disruptive can prove challenging. Our industry is prone to creative predictability and can...

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April 22

Join us as we welcome three new Giants to our team.

As Common Giant grows, our family of Giants grows too! We are proud to introduce three Giants who have joined us in our conquest for strategic creativity! 

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December 2

Eat at the Meet!

It’s been a little bit chili in these parts of late, but we want to announce on #GivingTuesday just how we can help warm you back up. We’ve been busy listening to the Rocky soundtrack while training for our first annual NotSoCommon Chili Meet....

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May 22

Celebrating 2 Years!

According to, 8 out of 10 business fail in the first 18 months. Look around, its in the local newspapers and the big publications — startups that fail and the reason why. However, there are a lot of businesses who’ve made it past that...

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April 18

TEDxGreensboro Inspiration Video

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

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April 6

Rockin’ the Runway in 2014

On February 21st, 7 designers showcased fashions redrafted from materials found in Triad Goodwill stores. We took some time out of our schedules to have a fun night on the town.

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February 21

Phillip Busts A Move at Forty Under 40

Last night we joined Phillip Oakley at the University of Greensboro’s Elliott Center for this year’s Forty under 40 event. The crowd was energetic while each leader went on stage to get their award.

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February 14

Our own Phillip Oakley is named on the Triad’s 40 Leaders Under Forty for 2014

We’re pretty excited to share that Phillip, our Founder and Chief Creative Officer, was named for the annual 40 Leaders under Forty recognition, amongst a talented group of professionals from the Triad. The Business Journal publishes a list of...

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February 14

The Cobbler’s Kids Finally Have Shoes.

Well, our website has been pushed to the back burner too many times over the past two years. But, it’s been two years full of constant thinking about what and who we are, what we stand for, and why we do

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