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Hello Greensboro
April 19

Hello Greensboro

Partnerships are critical to success. When both parties believe in each other, both flourish. This is one of Common Giant’s core pillars. An example of one such partnership is Revolution Mill in Greensboro, NC. They approached us to create renderings (seen above) of what the former mill could look like after a complete renovation. We were happy to take on the challenge and have been strong partners ever since. So when it came time to open a second office (didn't see that coming, did ya?) we knew exactly who to call. 

Common Giant is excited to announce the opening of our second office, located at Revolution Mill in Greensboro, NC. That's right. Over the past year, Common Giant has developed many partnerships in Greensboro and it made complete sense to open up a shop inside the city limits. We strongly believe in Greensboro and what it means not only to the Triad, but also to the entire state of North Carolina. The office opens in June so please come by and say hello.

That being said, we’ll still have an office in Winston-Salem, NC. Winston has been our HQ since the very beginning of Common Giant and we have no plans to leave Camel City; we’ve simply made more partners, friends and memories. The Triad is the ideal hub for us to serve our global client base. In our last blog, we wrote about our expansion not only as an agency, but as Giants. Whichever city you reside in, we’re excited to continue connecting the stars to make constellations.


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