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Creativity drives memorable brands that break expectations. These disruptions lead to massive booms in ROI and can lift a company high above their competitors.

At Common Giant we’ve built a culture on the belief that creative marketing and branding is one of the most potent tools for sales enablement. We believe big picture thinking and intuition drive originality and help us steer beyond the sea of sameness. Data can help shape ideas but analytics should never limit or dictate the creative process.

We have a No Bullsh*t policy (in fact, it’s one of our Core Values) and strive to share what we know.

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what makes common giant not so common?
May 12

what makes common giant not so common?

In the 21st century business world where bland cubicles and indistinguishable office furniture reigns, finding partners with the moxie and vigor for being disruptive can prove challenging. Our industry is prone to creative predictability and can affect anyone at any time. Luckily at Common Giant, three main ingredients keep us fresh and ahead of the curve: 

We are collaborative. Common Giant prides itself in making everyone’s voice heard. Whether collaborating with our creative partners or in staff brainstorming sessions, no voice falls on deaf ears. Collaboration is an essential piece of the Common Giant DNA, and we believe there’s no better way to channel our creativity.

We are underdogs. That’s right. We’re underdogs and we’re proud of it! This makes us more engulfed in what we do. Our team runs lean and efficient, which places all hands on deck for every assignment. This creates a synergy everyone feels as they walk through our doors. Our underdog state-of-mind has driven us to heights we never dreamed possible. 

We are advocates. Your dream is our dream. No matter which project we’re working on, we dive head first into our partners’ goals and rally together from start to finish. We channel their vision into finished projects that are inspired, clear, and concise. Every campaign we produce has a vibrant gusto that fuels growth. Your dream is growth; so is ours. 

We believe these three elements mix together to create an unrepeatable and specific agency experience. Too often in life we forget what makes us who we are. We may even see those who suffer from an identity crisis. We diligently work against the grain to produce higher quality results. That’s what makes us uncommon. That’s what makes us Common Giant. 


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