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Common Giant 2016 Awards
February 17

The 2016 Giant Awards

2016 was another phenomenal year for us here at Common Giant. We filled the year with travels, tweets, hard work, a few shenanigans and lots of play. To commemorate the year gone by and help kick off 2017, we’ve decided to recognize some people, places and oddities that made our year in marketing truly shine. So without further ado, we present the 2016 Giant Awards!


SXSW McDonald's VR ExperienceThe Best Nonsensical Random VR Experience....

The McDonald’s VR experience at SXSW!

 We painted inside of a Happy Meal (whaaa?) and shot butterflies (who shoots butterflies?) which generated a printed photo of our masterpiece that will make no sense to us when we find it in our files in two years. Out of all our VR experiences at SXSW, CES and in our offices – this was by far the oddest use of the technology.





Johanna_Create-a-thon 23.jpgMost Prepared Person for Agency Life...

Our own Giant, Johanna Daluz Peterson!

In October, we participated in Createathon with our friends at The Sales Factory. Createathon is an all-night working session to benefit nonprofits. Ever ready and raring for a challenge, Johanna showed up to the event with her very own cot! During the event Johanna was passionate about taking on any design challenge where her expertise was needed (after a quick power nap, of course).




RobRobless.jpgThe Coolest Name in Tech....

Rob Robless of Small Footprint!
Congratulations to Rob. We anticipate he will cherish this title for many years to come.







Corey BlakeBest Emotionally Charged Leadership Mantra...

“Vulnerability is Sexy”– Corey Blake

A motto to take to heart by anyone in a leadership position. Leadership is sexy, spread the word.







Cleveland SkylineMost Surprisingly Pretty City We Visited...

Cleveland, OH!

Does anyone else know about this? The Cleveland Cultural Gardens, Little Italy, the Museum of Art. Beautiful! Is Cleveland secretly in on the whole “Don’t go to Cleveland” trend, so they can keep their beautiful city all to themselves? If so, we’re sorry to have let the cat out of the bag!



Friendliest Foreign City We Visited...



Cluj Napoca!

We visited Cluj on a brand exploration exercise with our friends at Small Footprint to learn more about their greatest asset – their people! You can't learn enough about a group of people by sitting at a desk from the other side of the world. We ate, drank, and Segwayed with them on their team building exercise in Hungary. We can't wait to return!


Biggest Disappointment... Quickly Followed by Best Surprise Ever...

INBOUND Trevor Noah

Sarah Silverman canceled her appearance at Inbound at the last minute. So who did Inbound call up to save the day? Trevor Noah!!!!


Favorite Super Bowl Commercial...



Fainting Goat Spirits

We produced this local spot for our partners at Fainting Goat to launch their new brand of grain to glass spirits. The gritty black and white effects lent a serious tone to the subject matter of hosting goats in a bar.


That’s a wrap for 2016, it was a great year for Common Giant and we look forward to sharing more hard work, creativity and fun with our clients and employees in 2017!


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